Paper Bliss



  • Turn your tax returns into artworks.

    Create unique paper jewellery.

    Transform old books into sculptures.

    Make your own journals and stationery.

    Follow the simple instructions in this beautiful book to make these projects and many more.

    Or, take your own inspiration from author, Skye Rogers’ reflections on her love of paper and her insights into the journey that has taken this love and turned it into a viable business.

    Whether you are a committed crafter or first-timer, you’ll find all the ideas and inspiration you need in this exquisite book.

    Skye Rogers has been an illustrator for a good part of her adult life. But the long apprenticeship to her career was her childhood passion: she has been drawing on, cutting up, stamping on and pasting bits of paper together since she was very young. Not so long ago, Skye Rogers spent a whole summer sitting around her lounge room cutting and pasting and drawing and sewing like a woman possessed! Some of the looks she received were on the ‘astonished’ side: this wasn’t productive, this wasn’t what a grown woman should do, this wasn’t ‘making money’. From her fever of creativity that summer came her burgeoning little business, Skye’s The Limit, a unique range of stationery and gifts, each product created with Skye’s unique sense of style. As her business grew and expanded, Skye was often asked, ‘How did you come up with/do that?’ Realising that there are so many people out there wanting a few tips on bringing some ideas together in an easy-to-follow fashion, Skye started collecting projects that she had admired or completed herself over the years and developed them into a beautiful book of 30 paper craft projects to do at home to help and inspire others in their creative journey.

    PAPER BLISS has fantastic paper craft projects for all levels: from those at ‘infants school’ and only at paper-aeroplane level to more advanced projects for ‘paperians’ to get their teeth into, to those at paper high school who want to advance their skills with some more complex and elaborate projects. With some easily sourced items: scissors, cutting blade and mat, glue, fancy fasteners, paper punches, needle and thread and some found, pre-loved, new, hand-decorated, plain or recycled paper, there are hours of fun to be had with these projects. Whether it’s the simple completion of something that inspires you, a gift for a special friend or spending part of a day with the kids away from more pressing demands, you might be surprised by what you find.

    About the Author

    Skye Rogers is the author of a couple of interview-style books, and with her mother wrote a memoir, Bend of the River. She has published essays in The Australian and The Age and has contributed several personal essays to Radio National. Skye is also an illustrator and greeting-card designer. Skye lives in Sydney's inner west with a scientist whose only addiction is nicotine.

  • ISBN: 9780732293444
    ISBN-10: 0732293448
    Number Of Pages: 224
    Format: Hardcover
    Language: English
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