Save : Your Money, Your Time, Your Planet



  • The Queens of Clean show you how to save money, time and the planet by finding new and inspired uses for common household items.

    Save : Your Money, Your Time, Your Planet is full of clever ideas to help you get the most from everyday household items. In the process you'll save money, save time and save the planet!

    These days, once we've finished with something, we tend to throw it away rather than consider if it has another use. In Save : Your Money, Your Time, Your Planet you'll find out how to turn a lampshade into a wastepaper bin, create a mosaic from broken crockery, and make lip gloss from the last bit of your favourite lipstick. Learn how to revamp your tired-looking couch, how to tenderise meat using paw paw pips, and what to do with old ladders.

    There are tips on how to get the very last bit out of bottles and the many uses for old corks. Read advice on how to be a smart shopper, and find out how to make a leg of lamb last all week! You'll rediscover the lost arts of frugality and invention and have fun in the process.

    Save : Your Money, Your Time, Your Planet takes you through your house room-by-room with a raft of ideas for finding an uncommon use for things you commonly use. Remove the burden of living on a tight budget. Find out how to spend your time creating rather than consuming. And help the planet in the process.

    About the Authors

    Shannon Lush is a fine arts restorer with a passion for handy household hints. The massive success of Spotless, Speedcleaning and How to be Comfy have made her and co-author Jennifer Fleming a publishing phenomenon. Shannon writes for magazines and newspapers and is regularly heard on ABC Local Radio across the country.

    Jennifer Fleming is a writer, media consultant and ABC Radio producer and broadcaster.

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